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Choosing Domain Names:
The starting point of your online business is to buy a domain name as it define your identity on the Web so it has to be carefully chosen it should be catchy and easy to remember. Your domain name must reflect your business name.At first you must buy domain name but beware that the Internet is running out of good domain names with the increasingly growing websites created every day. So if you find your favorite domain name available then register your domain before somebody else does.

You can do whatever you want with the domain name. You can setup a website, setup an email account, or do nothing with it! With all the rights to your domain name, you can decide where to host your site and you can change your host anytime you want. If you wish to register a domain name please contact us to order your new domain name. You can also order your website and e-Marketing for your website at the same time.

Domain name registration:
Reserving a domain name is easy and much cost friendly. Web-Tools offers cheap domain name registration, domain renewals and domain transfers to make owning a website simple, we also offer 24-hour customer support, domain locking to prevent hijacking, DNS management, email forwarding, and much more.

Once you register a domain Name, you OWN it until the expiry date to start your web page. The minimum domain registration period is 1 year while the maximum domain registration period is 10 years. But you can choose to renew domain registration period or your domain name will expires once that happens, the first person to register your domain owns it.

Register your domain with Web-Tools as we offers cheap domain name registration including free service as any time you need to change your contact information in your Domain name registration, just submit your updated information to our Customer Help Center and we will do it for you. We offer this service free with your Domain name registration.
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